Idle heroes lineup calculator

Guys, If you want information for ranking of all the heroes, the content below should be very helpful to you. Just keep in mind that this is an overall general idea. Usually not everyone agrees on a tier lists. Idle Heroes combines strategic RPG elements with a sort of idle progression that you can play for short bursts or up to 30 minutes at a time.

Idle Heroes is a role-playing game created by DHGames. Nowadays, mobile phone games require very little input from its players, and the Idle Heroes game is no exception.

From the moment you download and start playing, the heroes work tirelessly and train even when you close the app to do other things. The tediousness of the grind is taken away, which leaves you with fun, strategic thinking and satisfying combat action. Heroes are the meat and potatoes in the game. You get to choose between more than heroes, each with their own skills, factions and tiers.

These heroes are naturally acquired over the course of the game, i. Idle Heroes gives you a ton of things to do, from dungeon raids to battlegrounds, quests, arena and mysterious towers. Idle Heroes offers a Worldwide Arena and Guild Wars for total domination,glory and top-tier items and prizes! Currently, the Android game has more than 10 million installs and is ranked high up on the Role Playing Game category.

The somber tones of the Shadow and Dark Heroes contrast with the shining auras and halos of the Light ones, making it easy to tell at a glance which one is which. The heroes themselves are cartooned versions, which hold a certain appeal to the younger crowd.

idle heroes lineup calculator

There are no chunky pixel or lines that are out of place in Idle Heroes. The main interface where you go on a Campaign, fight in the Arena or view your Heroes is streamlined and designed for intuitive mobile screen navigation. Hero representation deserves a special praise here. The higher-tier ones are much more impressive-looking than the lower tier ones, and they get more intimidating and awesome as you level them up and equip them with stronger gear.

In other words, if you want to gain an advantage over other free players, you can spend real cash to get the higher tier heroes and equipment.

The idle system works very well in Idle Heroes. The game basically plays itself with little to no output from you. The animations are fun to watch, as is the visceral experience of pounding your opponents to a pulp. Do you often turn the volume down low when playing games? As soon as you launch the app, Idle Heroes opens up with a majestic fanfare. The lively music will get your blood pumping and ready for action.

Success and defeat have separate distinctive sounds, and skills are nicely accompanied by a mighty whack, whoosh or zap. Like in other RPGs, no other heroes are alike.

Some are stronger than others in terms of raw power, speed, healing or all of the above. This makes for an interesting mechanic and a meta-game of sorts. Do you level up a low-tier hero now or wait until you acquire a higher one? Should you sacrifice a well-balanced hero for spirits or keep them and hope for the best?

The same goes with 3-star warriors. The game gets interesting when you finally unlock the 4 and 5 star heroeswhich are considered the cream of the crop in Idle Heroes. Mix and match heroes that complement each other in terms of skill, equipment and strengths. Install it on a mid-spec phone and it still provides a smooth experience. The buttons, heroes and action look good in the small screen without needing to squint to see it. Repetitive grinding is handled by the idle system, which leaves you with the good stuff like equipping items, fine-tuning your strategy and preparing for PVP.About one month ago, I ran a poll to determine what YOU would like to see on the web site.

The overwhelming response was Idle Heroes configurator. So I started working on the concept, did some heavy lifting with graphics and coded for 5 weeks. The end result is the configurator engine that can be used for multiple purposes. So far, I have plugged in all star Heroes with recommended position of the Hero in a lineup. It is not perfect, the positioning can be challenged and changed, as a result.

The configurator adds up power of all six Heroes in your lineup and displays the Overall Power of Your Team. Also, once you configure your lineup, take a picture by clicking on the camera icon. I can build as many of these configurators as the community needs. Almost all of the content here has been written by great folks who went above and beyond creating guides, tier lists, and other special articles.

My goal is to continue building on a solid foundation and get as much relevant content posted here as my time allows. If you love this game, just like me, feel free to submit your own guides here to make it a lot better!Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it!

His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day. This Idle Heroes guide breaks down a few key ideas that you must consider when building your team of Idle Heroes.

There are many aspects to consider that may not be obvious or commonly known, so review each of the points below to make sure that your team is the best it can be. This Idle Heroes guide covers heroes selection, team composition building, class and faction considerations and more! The first point that this Idle Heroes guide considers is how to compare heroes against each other. Of course when you are building the best team you will want the best heroes in the game.

The most obvious way of doing this is to consider the star rating, but this only gets us so far. Beyond this there is a definite difference between the same star ratings. For example, there are many 5-star assassin heroes in the game. Not all of them are equal and some have unique powers that are more useful than others.

You can research this yourself pretty easily in the heroes summary. Identify their maximum possible stats and their unique powers that are unlocked.

The stats HP, armour, speed etc are very important, so this is an easy way to compare two heroes. A great example of the special abilities is Faceless. She is an assassin hero that targets the lowest health enemy with her normal attacks. This is great for getting rid of the back line enemy heroes that are throwing loads of damage at you. This is great if you have many other heroes targeting the back line but not so good if most of your team is attacking the front line.

Therefore you have to consider whether this ability is right for you. If you are new to the game or simply don't want to research it yourself in game; a quick check is to look at published tier lists online. A simple Google of "Idle Heroes Tier List" will show many results and opinions from their authors on the relative strength of a hero. There are many tier lists to help you decide which heroes you should be putting your time into, so don't take the word of the first list you read.

You should also consider whether you want you team to be good at PvP player versus player or PvE player vs environment. If you want to focus on playing against other players there are heroes that are proficient at this, whilst others are better at beating AI teams on the campaign. Most of the above points required you to progress through the game to unlock more heroes and upgrade them.

idle heroes lineup calculator

For further information on how to progress through the campaign as quickly as possible and to ultimately build your team of heroes, please see the link below:. The second consideration of this Idle Heroes Guide is your team composition, in terms of classes warrior, priest etc. It is advisable to have at least one warrior to tank most of the damage. Aside from this there really aren't any rules that you need to stick to.

A good rule of thumb is that you want to diversify as much as possible and introduce all of the classes into your team. This ensures that you have a good mix of damage options single target, AOE, backline etc and are not going to suffer too much weakness from lack of variety. Note that as you progress through the game, it is often advantageous not to diversify the classes too much as the guild buffs will become more influential.The calculator assumes that you own Siyalatas for idle and hybrid builds, and Fragsworth for active builds.

The source code can be found here. This calculator uses the Rules of Thumb to offer ancient suggestions. The calculator distributes the available hero souls among the available ancients. If you press on the number in the change field, the number changes to a long format and is automatically selected for copying. If you hold "v" when clicking on the corresponding ancient's purchase button, an input field will pop up.

Paste the number you just copied into this field, and press "Ok". It probably doesn't. If you have the outsider Chor'gorloth leveled, all ancients become cheaper, including Morgulis.

Idle Heroes Beginner’s Guide: 50+ Most Essential Tips For New Players

This means that one level in Morgulis costs less than one soul when buying in bulk. Firstly, when you have many souls to spend the calculator will over-estimate the cost of a few ancients with a "difficult" cost formula. This approximation is accurate enough to yield very good recommendations; calculating it precisely often does not actually make a difference in regard to the number of levels recommended.

Only the predicted cost becomes more accurate. Secondly, when you have only few souls to spend the predicted cost is accurate as far as the cost formulae go; there appear to be some issues in-game where an ancient sometimes costs one soul less or more than it should.

Level 8, is the last level where heroes get a x10 multiplier to their damage. After level 8, their damage increase factor is reduced. This affects the optimal distribution of ancient levels. If you level a hero beyond level 8, and cannot afford a better hero that has a lower level, then check this box.

This depends on your personal play style. A good starting point is to go with a ratio of 0. This works well if you usually push at the end of a run. If you notice you do not often push, drop to a lower ratio. If you notice you often push for many zones, go higher. Perhaps you only idle at the very start of an ascension.This Idle Heroes Tier List contains all of the most important information regarding to the best Heroes in the game for you, helping you build the best possible teams that beats the meta game.

This Tier List is updated at least once every month regarding to the new balance changes or to the new metas in game. There are just too many Artifacts in the game right now and it is why mentioning only the best artifacts is not great for casual and free-to-play players. I will try to avoid recommending specific Artifacts I would, maybe in the near future. I will give you the Key Stats of them so you can easily understand which ones you should focus on while building up your team.

The strongest PvE Heroes will be mentioned. Properties not listed are not critical for success.

idle heroes lineup calculator

Heroes not listed are in my opinion not endgame material. Burst: Does a lot of damage early on, often as early as round 1. Build with speed stone, energy artifact and Growth 3 enable. Crowd Control : Disables opponents stun, etc. Build as Burst. Damage: Does a lot of damage.

Build with speed stone, speed artifact and Growth 3 enable. Healer: Heals other heroes. Indirect: Does indirect damage. Block : Does damage or gets buffed by blocking. Build with Block stone and damage reduce artifact. Xia with Vitality 1 enable and Horus with Mightiness 2. Last: gets better over time. Exclusive: Has a very specific role in special typically cheese teams. Amen-Ra : Super OP duh?

Mihm: Strong as above UW helps and there is still enough death. Oberon: Strong, fast and much needed CC. Aspen: Strong, still a good round 2 decider, getting to round 2 is the problem though. Belrain, Kroos: Strong, support is still useful as is Kroos as a disruptor. March The best Hero es in the game. Teams that do not have these Heroes will struggle to beat those that do.

They are usually Damage Dealers or heroes have strong CC.Post nerf and after almost 10 review videos, all Pros and Cons of Forest Hero will be explained fully below! This is her go-to for survival and damage. Yes, her damage! While other heroes, like Faith Blade for example, has to gear towards offensive stats to capitalize on his toolkit and killing potential, meaning sacrificing defensives for offensive stats.

Abyss Faction Leaderboards

Valkyrie gets rewarded for gearing towards survivability both in offense, defense, and in healing. This makes her very tanky, and one of the last pieces Chess King reference to fall in most cases and as discussed her damage is very high in return for stacking HP.

With proper HP stacking gear, she can reach above 8 million combat auraless HP and beyond 10 million with aura of your choice. Her base Speed ofdecent as is. Her base Attack ofis pretty standard for Rangers. This girl can take a lot of beating, no pun intended. The next round begins with heroes attacking as per usual. Then again after round finishes. Which means 1 CC landing on her equals her doing a basic attack. So, at 10 million HP, one CC landing on her means she does 1.

Her Active has an Attack Steal on 3 enemies she randomly hits with her Active, which effect lasts for 3 Rounds and the buff stacks additively. This will net the most HP. Valkyrie scales incredibly well with Auras. The best aura she fits in the current meta is Rainbow Aura. I recommend using Valkyrie complimented by Mihm, which is a very deadly combo currently. Even without her damage being boosted by Weaken Debuffs. She excels against multiple targets in PvE.I have decided to create a small calculator so you guys can easily estimate the amount of event items you could get at the end of the Event like Music Box, Blessing Bags, Rose or Chinese Knots.

During this event, the calculator will calculate Skull Coin that you can use to exchange for generous rewards in the Event Interface. Blessing Bag Count: Note: This is the number of blessing bags you have in your inventory. Affection Points: Note: If you have spent bags, type your total Affection score here.

Calculate Additional bags you will receive includes daily mail :? Your drop rate per day :?

Garuda Builds

Assuming your looting behaviour and rates stay the same. This is just an estimate! Current Loot:. Loot already spent:. Gem boxes contain knots and roses. Your drop rate per hour :? Time passed hours :?

Idle Heroes (O) - I Made An E5 Penny And She Is A Beast!

Current day of event :? Almost all of the content here has been written by great folks who went above and beyond creating guides, tier lists, and other special articles. My goal is to continue building on a solid foundation and get as much relevant content posted here as my time allows. If you love this game, just like me, feel free to submit your own guides here to make it a lot better! But at the end of the event i will have Dessert Cottage like always.

Is any way to make more Dessert Cottage? And what you recomand to buy from this event? The orb is the most expansive. Calc says my main account will have enough for a KB copy while my f2p account will have enough for the artifact. Hi, anyone knows if i put the auto-battle in stage 1 level 1 the drop rate is increased? I think that cause are only 4 rewards on this. I disagree with the people that recommend buying prophet orbs with the drop items if they fall short getting the cheapest hero.

However, if you ever plan on going farther in the Heroic Summon event than the scroll reward, getting 23 scrolls from the event will help you far more. Alright, so I got 20 for 2 hours last night, and had now 10 after 6 hours… and no daily gift. Is it possible that the rate drops drastically towards the end of the event? You get 7 days of drops, and one extra day to spend them.

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