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So your girlfriend likes knitting things and x-mas is coming soon? Making her a beautiful bamboo yarn bowl that keeps the yarn from getting entangled and unrolls the yarn would be a nice option.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. This material is rather hard but really nice to work with. However, it tends a bit to splintering.

You can think of your own pattern or use the one I've used. Just take a waterproof pen, put the bowl bottom side up on a table and draw the pattern on the wood. I used the plastic and wood milling bit of my Dremel to cut out the basic shape.

However, you have to grip the Dremel really hard to keep it from going it's own way. Don't try to get too close to your painted lines or you will have to adapt your pattern. The fine tuning comes in the next step. I used a wood drill bit to fine-cut the remaining material away. You can use it the same way as the milling bit, but it works much slower, thus giving you time to react. Try to get all the material away that lies between your Dremel and the line you've drawn.

Use the sand paper stripes to smoothen all grooves and round all the edges like shown in the pictures. Since the yarn will be gliding along the cut, you really want it to be smooth. Since the sanded cut will be brighter than the treated wood, you have to use a polishing bit to get it darker again. I used a bit of beeswax and the polishing bit to polish the big opening.

Since the polishing bit is too wide to polish the small openings, I cut a Q-tip cotton bud in half and mounted it on the Dremel. Applying a bit of wax you can now easily reach the small openings. To ensure that the bowl is not shifting on the wooden table, I glued a round piece of rubber to the bottom of the bowl. If everything works out fine, you'll have now a really nice gift for your girlfriend.

Beautiful bowl! In case anybody is wondering how this works, it keeps the yarn clean and it also keeps it from rolling around. Most knitters etc.Click to apply coupon code to cart: 20MAKE Exclusions apply. Excludes doorbusters. Limit one coupon of each type per transaction per day.

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Tax Exempt. Chat with Joy. Product Actions Add to cart options. Check store availability. Out of Stock. Must enter code in cart to receive discount. Pin this product on Pinterest. Share this product on Facebook. Share this product on Twitter. Add to Cart. Place a yarn skein in the bowl, and use the little opening as a spool to get the yarn out easily. View Less Details. You May Also Like.Tired of chasing your yarn around during your knitting or crochet projects? If so, consider a wooden yarn bowl!

A yarn bowl holds your yarn in place when you knit or crochet. It will stay snug in the bowl instead of flying around the room in the middle of your project.

Our wooden yarn bowls also feature a handy cut-out for your yarn, so yarn glides through the cutout to your project, avoiding those messy tangles when yarn is left freestanding. Spend your time on your craft instead of chasing your yarn or trying to remove unruly knots! Our yarn bowls give you all the benefits of traditional ceramic yarn bowls without the breakage that can occur with a more fragile material.

We've got several finishes to choose from including maplewood, mango wood, and rosewood. Having trouble deciding? No problem! There are two tone options so you can have two gorgeous woods wrapped into one unique yarn bowl. The colors in the photos are great representations of what you'll receive, but of course each one is uniquely special just like your handcrafted projects! The reviews are in - our wooden yarn bowls are the perfect blend of beauty and brains.

Here's what customers say about them:. Beauty and function in one Great Quality at amazingly low prices Attractive finishes Makes all the difference in managing your yarn Ball of yarn spins smoothly with no snags Weighted, so it won't tip over if you pull on the yarn. There will be a delay as we practice social distancing while processing orders. Accessories New. Knit Picks Exclusives.

Sale Tools. Tool Sets. Enamel Pins. View All Tools. Blocking Tools. Chart Tools.End your frustrations with balls of yarn rolling around and onto the floor. Keep it in one spot by using a yarn bowl. Knitters can relax and knit away when their yarn stays in place. Plus a yarn bowl is super stylish!

The design of most yarn bowls are fairly similar. Most yarn bowls have a bowl shape with a swirled section cut in one side. You thread the string of working yarn through there. The weight of the bowl allows the ball of yarn to roll around inside without getting tangled.

The high sides keep it in place. A perfect yarn holder. No need to keep yarn in your lap. Often they have circular cutouts for storing straight needles or when using more than one yarn in your colorwork project. So after reading all this, the question you are asking is where to buy yarn bowls?

You can buy yarn bowls online. Take a look at the tools you will fall in love with below. I wonder which will be your favorites? Heavy enough to stay in place while you knit. About: A beautiful rich color, wooden knitting bowl. Carved by hand using Indian Rosewood. The finishing keeps your yarn free from snagging. A great gift. About: Handmade knitting yarn bowl of high quality Indian wood. Portable and efficient. One of the more sustainable knitting accessories. They have excellent customer service with 5 stars reviews.

Be sure to ask them any questions, they will be happy to answer them. Can be crochets bowls too, not just knitting. You can rest your knitting needles or hook in the holes. About: High-quality, made of Natural Sheesham Wood. About: Extra-large, high-quality and practical. Wooden yarn bowl hand crafted, made of bamboo. A great thing is it has a lid that keeps the yarn inside free of dust.

About: Woodcarved and unbreakable.Each one serves a different purpose. There are a number of essentials that you, as a crafter, should keep on hand: a pair of needles or crochet hook, stitch markers, a ruler for measuring gauge, and a well-curated collection of yarn. For the latter, you'll want one overlooked accoutrement: a yarn bowl. What is a yarn bowl? It's a practical and oftentimes pretty way to keep your yarn tidy and contained while you work.

You've probably seen one either online or at your local arts and crafts store.

yarn bowl

Yarn bowls are commonly made from wood, porcelain, or clay with curved slots and holes in the side. The yarn rests in the bowl and the working thread is fed through an opening-curved slots, hooks, or holes-in the side. If you're working with multiple skeins at once as in certain techniques of color knitting a bowl with multiple holes will prevent the working threads from twisting and knotting together.

With the yarn nestled inside, there's no need to worry about your ball rolling freely or getting tangled in knots as you knit or crochet. When purchasing a bowl, ask yourself a few questions: What yarn weight do you typically use? A skein of super-bulky yarn will require a bigger size bowl than one of lace weight yarn. Do you work with hanks, skeins, or balls? Some bowls are oblong-shaped to accommodate hanks and skeins without the added hassle of rewinding the yarn into a ball. How many strands of yarn will you work with?

If your projects plan to use multiple skeins of yarn, you should pick an extra-large bowl. Will you travel with your project? Consider one that's made with a carrying handle, closes with a lid, or has a curved hook for removing yarn when it's needed.

Look for a high-walled bowl with a solid weighted base so it won't tip overand wood grain that's sanded down or a smooth ceramic glaze so the working yarn won't snag.

yarn bowl

And, in terms of style, do you prefer wood versus ceramic or neutral versus eye-catching? That part is up to you, but here are some particular ones that caught our eye. Most yarn bowls are round with a high collar, keeping the yarn in place. This one features a warm sandstone color with a white speckled glaze and the classic J-groove. Although no two are alike, each bowl from this batch is handmade by the artists at Campfire Studio in Maine.What is a yarn bowl used for?

Happens to me all the time and boy is it annoying. How does it work? Yarn bowls have a cutout which is used as a guide for your working yarn. The working yarn is placed through the cutout, and when the yarn is pulled, thanks to the weight of the bowl, the ball will roll in the bowl freely without getting tangled or rolling away.

Why not use a center pull ball instead? Sometimes, especially with hand wound balls, knitting from the outside of the ball is the only option, BUT more importantly depending on the project center pulling a cake or ball of yarn can impart an over-twist in the yarn which can result in a bias knitted fabric or twisted garment. Read about it here. Here are some of my favourites FYI these are affiliate links.

Hi Cintia, Greetings from West Australia! I have recently discovered yarn bowls and my need of one. I have found a business called Wonky Pots near Albany and she is making one for me. I am not going looking around because I would probably find that I am over paying for this one and I would rather not know!!!!

Hope you are all settled back in at home after your trip. I am sure it was an amazing experience for your daughter. Thanks for your postcard, not sure if I ever managed to find a place to say thanks. You are welcome re the postcard, I love sending surprise mail, just glad it made you happy. The trip was lovely, a bit hard to settle back into our daily routine, I think it will be easier once school starts back.

Hi Cintia How awesome are these. I can think of lots of designs that I would like to see in these. When you said yarn bowls I thought you meant bowls that were made from yarn.

I am making these types with a friend to show her how to crochet. I have a vintage Bakelite yarn holder in the shape of a bee hive which I really love. It does work best if the yarn is taken from the centre of the ball which, as you say, can be a problem.

Beautiful Yarn Bowls for Every Kind of Crafter

I saw a red one last year in an antique shop and fell in love with it, but not the price. So when I found my green one at a far better price, I snapped it up. I like the yarn bowls too. It holds any size skein of yarn you could ever have. I just discovered you via Pinterest and also realised you are a Melbournian too! Great blog, great photos, great ideas! Since it has a deep round bottom my yarn spins beautifully and I pull the yarn out through the handle to keep it under control.Notify me when this product is available: Add me to the store mailing list.

Handcrafted by the artisans in our co-ops in India from Sheesham wood, you are literally touching lives and making a real difference in the world with each purchase. Your looking at Darn Good Yarn's handmade wooden yarn bowl. Use it to keep your yarn untangled and clean and your works in progress safe.

yarn bowl

With the purchase of this yarn bowl you are helping provide safe and sustainable employment to over 50 people in India! Hey everyone, it's Nicole! I'm the owner here at DarnGoodYarn. And we have so many different kinds of yarn bowls.

Best Yarn Bowls in 2020

I kind of went a little bit crazy ordering, but most of you know that we have our basic wooden yarn bowl. It's beautiful, it's nice and heavy. It's made from sheesham wood and sometimes- if you're not familiar with yarn bowls- we get a question on how to actually use it- like what's the purpose.

And you know, if you have- if you're like me and you don't get to knit or crochet all that often and enjoy your fiber arts, like sometimes it's just nice to have your yarn out in like view like okay- I still see you over there yarn like I'm gonna get to you one of these days when I'm not chasing a toddler around like in my case!

So you keep your yarn out. It's a really nice way to display it and when you're using it, you just simply take your yarn and you wrap it through this little swirl here and then you can stick it on the floor or on the table and then you just work your project.

Some little tips and tricks that I like is if you're putting it on a floor and it's also wood as well-just make sure you put like an anti slip mat between that and it keeps it from just running all over the house.

But this is a really great way to preserve any like special twists especially for handmade and handcrafted yarns. And then this becomes a swiffer instead of a ball of yarn. It happens! Hey I'm just being real! In some of our, in some of our other yarn bowls. You know here's your yarn bowl and then when you're not working on your project you can stick the project in the bowl itself and then you can stick the needles through the hole going from either this way like that and rest them, which is nice because then everything stays together you can work and do it the other way as well.

But since I have a project on here it's gonna stick out and be really awkward and not give the look that I'm going for. So with our ceramic yarn bowls too- the nice thing is they tend to be a little bit larger in most cases so you can get a larger ball of yarn in there- usually right around grams.

And then this is also- I'm in love with these- these are our limited edition painted yarn bowls- and these are you can see the size difference. They're substantially larger- they're like double the size of our standard wooden yarn bowl and they are just beautiful.

So I hope that answers any of your questions and you can sort of see the size of what this all looks like and introduce you a little bit more to our world of Darn Good Yarn bowls. Alright, if you have any questions reach out to us at info darngoodyarn. I will talk to you all later! Hey everyone its Nicole and Alan over at Darn Good Yarn and in today's video we're gonna show you all about our wooden yarn bowl that we're gonna unbox.

Here this is our famous wooden yarn bowl, they are handmade in central India and Alan this was one of the first things you got from Darn Good Yarn - a family man who likes to knit. And as a knitter I do get tend to chase the yarn around a lot and it highlights when does go around your floor, highlights all of terrible job you did vacuuming and especially when it goes underneath chairs and stuff and then you have to get out of your chair instead of knitting so that's like a pain.

This is wonderful because you put it right in the bowl and you flip it around this little thing just like that there's a little swirl that's hand carved out. And there you are and you're set and you can go anywhere you want with this thing. It's sturdy its rock-solid. You pull the yarn right out of the center here, you can and I know like your house you keep like your stitch counters in here and. You always know you have it there and I can move from room to room I put it next to my recliner.

yarn bowl

I put it on the dining room table when I have to cook and I have to wait. Yeah and I love the dark wood and like you can see all the grains in it and in the threads like that. Just a little bit of furniture polish if you wanted to for dusting and it's just a great tool that every fiber artist needs to have in their repertoire.

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